Give peas a chance

I wanted to document the change in my life from ‘deeply confused person in a transient state living in tiny rooms’ to ‘person with flat and furniture and proper real settled job’ in something other than mostly capslock tumblr posts no one will read.

On the 14th December 2015 I will move into my ~dream flat~, a one bedroom, 460 square foot apartment in the South East London area of Brockley. To say I am excited is an understatement.

I am Robbo, I’m a 29 year old queer femme academic and researcher who also dabbles in opera singing and special effects makeup.

The place is entirely unfurnished. I own one bookcase, four underbed storage units, more clothes than one person can wear and a fuckload of tchotchkes.

This blog will ultimately be about interior design, obsessive online shopping, and credit card abuse. And probably other ‘lifestyle’ things, like DIY, solo living, etc.

Why Peas and Brockley? It sounded right, combining the obligatory Brockley/Broccoli pun with something that’s you know, available. I also like pea and broccoli soup? Also when I thought about it, I identify with the trivia spouting peas from the Mameshiba series. So peas as in creepy trivia, Brockley as in ‘please don’t doxx me’.

Give peas a chance

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